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Re-Imaging the Divine Image
Celia Deane-Drummond, Author

As the topic for the twelfth annual Goshen Conference on Religion and Science, Celia Deane-Drummond chose Re-Imaging the Divine Image: Humans and Other Animals. This book contains her lectures, the discussions that resulted from those lectures, and the meditations of Ben Clausen,

No Guardians At The Gate
Bob Burtt, Author

The Elmira story sometimes has been cluttered with legal manoeuvering, appeals, and science that isn’t easy to understand or explain. But, at its heart, the story is about a company that knew a lot about making chemicals, not much about protecting the environment; a provincial government that didn’t have the teeth, manpower or political will to enforce its laws; and residents who were prepared to do whatever it took to protect their community.


Ways of the Spirit
M. Darrol Bryant, Editor

Where are the voices of women in the global dialogue concerning spirituality? You will find some of them here in this collection that celebrates the contribution of women to the dialogue and diversity of global spirituality. Women’s paths unfold differently from those of men as these journeys disclose. What is especially striking about these voices is how they transcend the dichotomy between sacred and secular. Here the spiritual is deeply embedded in everyday life on our planet.