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Nationalism Religion and Ethics


Baum, Gregory


McGill-Queen's University Press



$24.95  ($CDN)


•  ISBN: 0773522786


Gregory Baum, one of Canada's most honoured theologians, is professor emeritus of religious studies at McGill University. He has participated in the CBC Massey Lecture Series and is an officer of the Order of Canada. Nationalism has brought self-determination to some people and persecution and death to others. When, then, is it ethically acceptable? In beautifully simple language Gregory Baum discusses the writings of four men whose nationalism was shaped by their religion and their time: Martin Buber's speeches on Zionism before the creation of Israel; Mahatma Gandhi's influential incitement to peaceful resistance against British imperialism; Paul Tillich's book on socialism and nationalism which was banned by the Nazis; and Jacques Grand'Maison's defence of Québécois nationalism in the wake of the province's Quiet Revolution. A quiet masterpiece of clear thinking and humane reasoning, Nationalism, Religion, and Ethics illuminates the uses and misdirections of one of the most powerful forces in politics and society.