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Apocalypticism and Millennialism


Johns, Loren L


Pandora Press



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•  ISBN: 0968346294
•  Publication Date: 2000


This book is terra firma for any scholar or pastor... Here is something solid for the future: careful scholarship, clear presentation, and faith that rings true to the hope of the gospel. J. Nelson Kraybill, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary


Reviewers review: This is a tremendous volume! Granting that it has the uneven quality of any compendium, I find this to be a rich resource on the topic. It is a required textbook for my course on the history of eschatology. Virtually every student who reads it remarks that it is one of the most interesting texts they have ever had to read. ---C. Mark Steinacher, Tyndale University College & Seminary, Jan 4, 2006. This attractive book is a first-rate exposition of what is being thought about the complex and vexing subject of the Endtimes by scholars in what is called the believers church tradition. ....It is recommended for spiritually and intellectually alert Christians everywhere. It is also an important resource for teachers and scholars. ----The Conrad Grebel Review, Winter 2001, reviewed by Walter Klaassen What is our Anabaptist response to the future? These authors give many clues on how we should live, in the hope that God will heal the wounds of this sinful planet and establish the "new Jerusalem," a city of peace. How God will do that remains a mystery. Reading this book has given me a new appreciation of the need for humility in predicting how God will act. ----Canadian Mennonite, Feb. 26, 2001, Vol. 5, reviewed by Daryl Culp