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Mennonites and Classical Theology

Dogmatic Foundations for Christian Ethics


Reimer, A James


Pandora Press



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•  ISBN: 0968554377
•  Publication Date: 2001


As the title of the book suggests, one of Reimer's primary concerns is to establish dogmatic foundations for Christian ethics. Reimer does not want to negate the importance of ethics, but rather is interested in taking the moral life with utmost seriousness. His concern is that Mennonites, especially with their emphasis on voluntarism and ethics-centredness, may easily fall prey to an ethical worldview that is human-centred. ... The volume is one of the most important books on Mennonite theology of our time encouraging the reader to live imaginatively, and faithful to the one God, creator of the universe, historically present in Jesus Christ, and continually present as Spirit. I highly recommend this book. ----Journal of Mennonite Studies reviewed by Karl Koop. Here a Mennonite theologian invents a new way of presenting his own theology. James Reimer introduces the reader to the dialogue with other theologians, thanks to which the evolution of his own thought has taken place. In this intellectual wrestling, Reimer becomes a theologian faithful to his own tradition and at the same time a creative participant in the wider ecumenical space of Christian theology. Non-Mennonite readers will find this book an excellent introduction to the richness of Mennonite thought. Gregory Baum, McGill University