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Old Order Mennonites of Ontario

Gelassenheit, Discipleship, Brotherhood


Martin, Donald


Pandora Press



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•  ISBN: 1894710339


Written by someone standing within the conservative Mennonite community, The Old Order Mennonites provides a unique and detailed history of the formation of the numerous groups of Old Order Mennonites. In doing so, it traces the principle of Gelassenheit through the centuries from the teachings of Jesus, to the Anabaptists in Europe, to the hearts and homes of the Old Order Mennonites of today. The application of the principle of Gelassenheit is portrayed as a primary difference between the Old Order Mennonites and modern forms of Christianity.


Donald Martin has provided insights into the history of the varied "Old Order" Mennonite groups in Ontario from a perspective that is at once both uniquely Old Order and a valuable contribution to the literature on this group. Old Order Mennonite of Ontario is virtually alone in its attempt to describe and analyze, in a comprehensive way, Old Order history from within the conservative Mennonite community. ----Sam Steiner, from the Forward