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Echoes of the Word

Theological Ethics and Rhetorical Practice


Huebner, Harry J


Pandora Press



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•  ISBN: 1894710568
•  Language: English
•  264 Pages
•  Publication Date: 2005


Harry Huebner believes in the power of the Word - the Bible - to change and shape the lives of believers. The Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) theology professor also believes in the power of words to communicate God's truth. "I wrote this book in faith that the Word can still be heard, albeit as an echo....Perhaps it is not exactly as it was heard by the first listeners, but it still speaks. The challenge is to revive it in a manner that uncovers its truthful voice." ...In the collection of 18 essays and sermons, Huebner covers topics such as The church made strange for the nations,... On not being seduced by the rhetoric of war, Can the word be made flesh ...again?....For Huebner, the book is his way of "helping make it possible for us to behold God present and dwelling among us. In coming to view the world this way, we are able to orient our own lives in Christ." ----CMU release, Canadian Mennonite, December 19, 2005 Volume 9, Number 24


This is a fabulous book that explores what it might mean for us as Christians to continue to hear and speak the Word found in Scripture; even in a context far removed from that of the authors of Scripture. My friendship with Harry makes this book meaningful as it has invited me to take him even more seriously because I know that, in the end, all Huebner wants is for the Church and the World to witness God's peace-giving presence. ----Marco Funk