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Sound in the Land

Essays on Mennonites and Music


Epp, Maureen/Weaver, Carol Ann


Pandora Press



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•  ISBN: 1894710592


On the continent known as "Mennonite Music," there are two countries: Mennonite music remembered, and Mennonite music to be explored. The May 2004 Sound in the Land festival roamed much of that continent, with an enthusiastic "yes" to each of its principalities. Happily, the conference gave no answers to the "what is Mennonite music" question, but instead affirmed the genius, the approach, the worth of Mennonites doing music! read and wish you had been there! ----Ken Nafziger, Conductor, Writer, and Professor of Music, Eastern Mennonite University.


Some observations by Katie Funk Wiebe after reading Sound in the Land. Music is the soul of Mennonite identity. It matters what we sing and that we sing. ...Are we losing our great gift of singing congregationally by listening to a worship team and not singing ourselves? ...Increasing ethnic diversity will require expansion of musical styles, writes musicologist Mary Oyer. ...The issue of identity between cultural Mennonites and faith-based Mennonites will not soon go away. It will increase as Mennonites add greater numbers of people from diverse ethnic groups. ...Mennonites follow music trends in the wider society much more closely than we like to think, writes, Katie Graber. They assume their hymnal is more tied to Mennonite tradition than it actually is. ...Mennonites have something good to offer the music world. ...Anyone who enjoys music will appreciate this book's open discussion of faith and music. ----Mennonite Weekly Review, July 24, 2006, reviewed by Katie Funk Wiebe Sound in the Land contains some of the essays presented at a conference of the same name at Conrad Grebel College in May 2004, as well as several essays commissioned later. They reflect a broad conversation about Mennonite music making, including a survey of hymnals used by North American Mennonites from the early 19th century to the present, a profile of MB notable Benjamin Horch by Doreen Klassen ("Benjamin Horch as an Insider-Outsider Musical-Theological Visionary"), and reflections on what makes a musician a "Mennonite musician." ----Mennonite Brethren Herald, August, 2006 Dora Dueck, Associate Editor, MB Herald