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Women In Early Austrian Anabaptism

Their Days, Their Stories


Linda A. Huebert Hecht


Pandora Press



$32.50  ($CDN)


•  ISBN: 9781926599052
•  282 Pages
•  Publication Date: 2009


Previously untold stories of women persecuted for their faith during the early years of the Reformation are revealed in the Austrian Anabaptist court records. In the turbulent years of the early 1500s, women chose to express their personal faith publicly through adult baptism, which was outlawed by the state. They took the intitiative to proselytize among family members and neighbours. Their commitment to the Anabaptist movement in the Austrian territory to Tirol deomonstrates profound faith and courage which still speak to us today. These stories, translated from the court records, add considerably to our knowledge of early Anabaptist history and of religious women in general.


It is clear throughout the book that for Huebert Hecht the study of Anabaptist women is not just a scholarly exercise but a pursuit with inspirational meaning and implication for the church. --MQR 85, April 2011