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Ways of the Spirit

Celebrating Dialogue, Diversity and Spirituality


M. Darrol Bryant


Pandora Press



$25.00  ($CDN)


•  ISBN: 9781926599342
•  242 Pages
•  Publication Date: 2013


Ways of the Spirit: Celebrating Dialogue, Diversity and Spirituality takes us into the world of contemporary spirituality. These various essays explore pathways of the spirit from traditions East and West, North and South, religious and secular. Sharing recognition of the transforming power of the Spirit, these diverse voices invite readers into pathways that challenge, transform, and enhance our human journey.


“Ways of the spirit” is a wonderful, inclusive name for the global phenomenon this book introduces us to. It consists of people describing, or trying to create, an environment of common spiritual activity in work, worship, meditation, ritual, and above all, dialogue. -- Norman Fiering The “Ways of the Spirit” belongs in the library of anyone seeking to learn of the way of dialogue as an essential component of spirituality and human solidarity, and a prerequisite for peace and human development. -- Thomas G. Walsh