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Becoming Human

Weaving Together Genetics and Personhood


Gayle Woloschak


Carl S. Helrich


Pandora Press



$21.95  ($CDN)


•  ISBN: 9781926599595
•  Language: English
•  120 Pages
•  Publication Date: 2018


Scientists help us to understand the world around us. The practice of medicine involves diagnosis and treatment of disease that touches all parts of the human person. Science is concerned with the quality of life, beginning of life issues, end of life matters. With each year the impact of science on society grows. Even so science somehow does not have precedence over other forms of knowledge. As the great scholar Francisco Ayala wrote, “... science is a way of knowing, but it is not the only way. Knowledge also derives from other sources, such as common sense, artistic and religious experience, and philosophical reflection.”