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Later Writings of the Swiss Anabaptists

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A Family Torn Apart
Neufeld, Justina D — $26.50

A Universe of Ethics, Morality, and Hope — Proceedings of the Second Annual Goshen Conference on Religion and Science
Ellis, George F.R. — $19.00

Among The Ashes
Rahn, Peter J. — $29.95

An Annotated Hutterite Bibliography
Krisztinkovich, Maria H/Erb, Peter C — $31.50

Anabaptism and Reformation in Switzerland — An Historical and Theological Analysis of the Dialogues Between Anabaptists and Reformers
Yoder, John Howard — $46.00

Anabaptism: Neither Catholic nor Protestant — 3rd ed
Klaassen, Walter — $14.00

Anabaptist History and Theology — An Introduction
Snyder, C Arnold — $42.50

Anabaptist History and Theology Student Edition — Revised Student Edition
Snyder, C Arnold — $44.00

Anabaptist Visions For the new Millennium — A Search for Identity
Schrag, Dale/Juhnke, James — $26.00

Anabaptist-Mennonite Confessions of Faith
Koop, Karl — $21.50

Andreas Ehrenpreis and Hutterite Faith and Practice
Harrison, Wes — $29.00

Baptizing, Gathering, And Sending — Anabaptist mission in the sixteenth-century context
Godwin, Colin — $32.99

Between Worlds — Reflections of a Soviet-born Canadian Mennonite
Loewen, Harry — $35.00

Biblical Concordance of the Swiss Brethren, 1540
Fast, Gilbert/Peters, Galen A — $25.00

Brotherly Community
Ehrenpreis, Andreas/Felbinger, Claus — $10.00

Brotherly Faithfulness
Hutter, Jakob — $13.50

Called Together to be Peacemakers — Report of the International Dialogue between the Catholic Church and Mennonite World Conference, 1998-2003
Roth, Willard/Schlabach, Gerald W — $11.50

Caspar Schwenckfeld — Eight Writings on Christian Beliefs
Williams III, H.H.Drake — $22.50

Christ In Our Midst — Incarnation, Church and Discipleship in the theology of Pilgram Marpeck
Blough, Neal — $30.00

Commoners and Community — Essays in Honour of Werner O. Packull
Snyder, C. Arnold — $32.50

Confessions of Faith in the Anabaptist Tradition, 1527-1660
Koop, Karl — $36.50

Consider The Threshing Stone — Writings of Jacob J Rempel
Rempel, Jacob J — $23.00

Cosmology, Evolution, and Resurrection Hope
Russell, Robert John — $17.00

Creed & Conscience — Essays in Honour of A. James Reimer
Bergen, Jeremy M/Doerksen, Paul G/Koop, Karl — $32.00

Cuentos y Encuentros — Hacia una Educación Transformadora
Fremaint, Pedro A Sandin — $17.00

Dirk Philips
Ten Doornkaat Koolman, Jacobus — $26.50

Echoes of the Word — Theological Ethics and Rhetorical Practice
Huebner, Harry J — $29.00

Encountering The Eternal One — A Guide for Mennonite Churches
Van Hiele, Gerke — $16.00

Evolution of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Life, The
Peters, Ted — $25.00

Exiles In The Empire — Believers Church Perspective on Politics
Yoder, Nathan E. — $28.50

Faith, Life and Witness in the Northwest, 1903-2003 — Centennial History of the Northwest Mennonite Conference
Regehr, T D — $49.00

First Nations and First Settlers in the Fraser Valley (1890-1960)
Neufeldt, Harvey/Siemens, Ruth/Martens, Robert — $30.00

From Kleefeld with Love
Harder, John A — $22.50

Healing the Wounds — One Family's Journey Among the Northern Cheyenne
Wenger, Ann/Wenger, Esther & Malcolm — $24.00

Historia Menonita Mundial Africa
Checole, Alemu — $29.25

History and Ideology — American Mennonite Identity Definition through History
Sawatsky, Rodney James — $24.50

Howard Raid — Man of Faith and Vision
Elizabeth Raid — $21.50

Just As In The Time Of The Apostles
Dipple, Geoffrey — $33.50

Just Policing
Kauffman, Ivan J. — $14.50

Manual Para Crear Materiales de Educación Cristiana
Mooney, Ruth Elizabeth — $20.00

Martyrdom/Ecumenical Perspective
Erb, Peter C — $20.00

Mennonite Alternative Service in Russia — The Story of Abram Duck and His Colleagues 1911-1917
Klippenstein, Lawrence/Dick, Jacob — $20.00

Mennonite Tent Revivals
Lehman, James O — $32.50

Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Churches of New York City
MacMaster, Richard K. — $35.00

Multifaith Views in Spiritual Care
Daniel S. Schipani — $24.75

My Early Years — An Autobiography
Kreider, Robert S — $57.50

My Journey
Roth, Alvin — $20.00

Nestor Makhno and the Eichenfeld Massacre — A Civil War Tragedy in a Ukrainian Mennonite Village
Harvey L. Dyck — $14.00

New Songs
Selles, Otto H — $16.00

None But Saints
Urry, James — $32.00

Old Order Mennonites of Ontario — Gelassenheit, Discipleship, Brotherhood
Martin, Donald — $37.50

On Baptism
Schlabach, Gerald W. — $16.00

Palabras Duras — Homilías
Fremaint, Pedro A Sandin — $17.00

Peter Riedemann — Shaper of the Hutterite Tradition
Packull, Werner O — $27.00

Pioneers in Ministry — Women Pastors in Ontario Mennonite Churches, 1973-2003
Schiedel, Mary A — $23.50

Reading the Anabaptist Bible — Reflections for Every Day of the Year
Snyder, C. Arnold/Peters, Galen A — $40.00

Reconciling Theology and Science
Murphy, Nancey — $12.00

Religion & Science As Spiritual Quest for Meaning
Hefner, Philip — $17.50

Religion and Science — God, Evolution, and the Soul
Murphy, Nancey — $17.00

Religion in a New Key — Second Edition
Bryant, M. Darrol — $17.50

Shepherds, Servants and Prophets — Leadership among the Russian Mennonites (ca. 1880-1960)
Loewen, Harry — $42.50

Six Sugar Beets Five Bitter Years
Jantzen, Erica — $22.00

Sound in the Land — Essays on Mennonites and Music
Epp, Maureen/Weaver, Carol Ann — $25.00

Sources of South German/Austrian Anabaptism
Snyder, C Arnold — $41.50

Strange and Wonderful Paths — The Memoirs of Ralph Lebold
Lebold, Ralph — $26.00

The Amish of Canada
Gingrich, Orland — $26.50

The Dialogue between Religion and Science — Challenges and Future Directions
Jackelen, Antje — $18.50

The Earliest Hymns of the Ausbund — Some Beautiful Christian Songs Composed and Sung in the Prison at Passau, Published in 1564
Riall, Robert A/Peters, Galen A — $44.50

The Formation of the Primitive Baptist Movement
Taylor, Jeffrey Wayne — $25.00

The Missing Peace — The Search for Nonviolent Alternatives in United States History
Second Expanded Edition

Juhnke, James C/Hunter, Carol M — $34.50

The Muria Story — A History of the Chinese Mennonite Churches of Indonesia
Yoder, Lawrence M — $38.00

The Peace Church and the Ecumenical Community — Ecclesiology and the Ethics of Nonviolence
Enns, Fernando — $35.00

The Plain People — A Glimpse at Life Among the Old Order Mennonites of Ontario
Peters, John — $14.25

The Silence Echos — Memoirs of Trauma and Tears
Dyck, Sarah — $26.00

We Bear The Loss Together
Harder, Laureen — $17.50

Windows To A Village — Life Studies of Yarrow Pioneers
Martens, R/Jantzen, M T/Neufeldt, H — $45.00