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Baptizing, Gathering, And Sending

Anabaptist mission in the sixteenth-century context


Godwin, Colin


Pandora Press



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•  ISBN: 9781926599250
•  Language: English
•  422 Pages
•  Publication Date: 2012


Anabaptist leaders and authors Hans Hut, Conrad Grebel, Pilgram Marpeck, Menno Simons, Peter Riedemann, Balthasar Hubmaier, Melchior Hoffmann and even David Joris describe mission as a key component of belief and practice. However, despite detailed research, there has been no new broad conceptualization of Anabaptist mission since the post-WW II era which has left current scholars largely dependent on research done decades ago. In Baptizing, Gathering, and Sending, Colin Godwin re-evaluates Anabaptist mission in its historical and theological context. Framed by the missionary intent and practice of the Catholic, Lutheran and Reformed Churches, Godwin argues for a distinct Anabaptist missionary experience.